2025 Alfa Romeo Castello: News & What We Know so Far

2025 Alfa Romeo Castello: News & What We Know so Far. following the success of the Stelvio SUV and the high demand for more SUVs, it has encouraged Italian automotive company, Alfa Romeo, to produce the 2025 Alfa Romeo Castello

2025 Alfa Romeo Castello Pictures

We can say Castello is the big brother of Stelvio, and it is designed to rival the Audi Q7 series and the likes. This will be the largest SUV ever produced by Alfa Romeo. But will its specs and performance be as great as the body?

2025 Alfa Romeo Castello Engine Performance

The 2025 Alfa Romeo Castello is likely to run with several engine options, namely 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, and twin-turbo 2.9 liter V6 for the Quadrifoglio version, as well as a choice of hybrid versions to power the engine. This can produce energy equivalent to 400 horsepower. And with the hybrid option, expect the fuel consumption to be low.

2025 Alfa Romeo Castello Release Date


The biggest market for 2025 Alfa Romeo Castello is the United States and China, although it is also marketed in other countries. Based on the success of Stelvio before, chances are Castello will be immediately favored by crossover fans in the North American region.

The Origin Of The Name

More likely, the name Castello is taken from Italian which means ‘castle’. There is a castle in the city of Milan, Italy, called the Castello Sforzesco. Milan itself is the home where the Alfa Romeo company originated. Probably the name takes inspiration from that.

2025 Alfa Romeo Castello Engine

In addition, there is also a road crossing the alpine mountain called Passo Castello, and it is also possible that the name Castello comes from that, considering that Stelvio is also the name of a mountain road.

Big Body and Its Interior

The 2025 Alfa Romeo Castello is predicted to be made on the same Giorgio platform as the current SUV series from Alfa Romeo, namely Stelvio and Giulia. The Castello will be a big brother of Stelvio with a length of 193 inches or 4.9 meters, while Stelvio is 184.6 inches or equivalent to 4,688 meters. Castello has a seat of 5 or 7 seats, adjusting the needs of the buyer.

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Despite its large size, the weight of this car is fairly light thanks to aluminum and carbon fiber that come in handy as a lightweight materials. Castello is equipped with a large wheel to compensate for its large body, which is 21.9 inches painted in black. The bumper is also big and strong, making this vehicle tough to carry one family and their cargo, and provides comfort and stability to its passengers.

Regarding color choices, not much is offered because Alfa Romeo wants to make a classy and luxurious Castello. To add to the classy impression, the car’s interior will be full of premium grade of Alcantara leather.

In the entertainment section, the engineers behind the manufacture of Castello work hard to provide all the comforts of entertainment while driving. You can be sure the features and functions of the previous model will be upgraded in the 2025 Alfa Romeo Castello. They also added a voice control feature, which made this series one of the best-equipped cars in its class.

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Six New Models In 2025

Alfa Romeo might want to spoil their fans in 2025, because according to rumors, this Italian manufacturer actually will issue six new models next year. The six models consist of SUVs, a new model hatchback, a fullsize sedan, and a special model. The Alfa Romeo Castello is one of the first to be released, along with the smaller version– the Kamal– which is said to be a direct competitor of Audi Q3 and the likes.

2025 Alfa Romeo Castello Release Date and Price

The 2025 Alfa Romeo Castello will be released on the market in March 2025, but official prices are still confidential. It is predicted to be above $ 40,000.