2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal: Redesign and What We Know so Far

2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal: Redesign and What We Know so Far. A few days ago an image had caught the attention of several fans, also referred to by the name 2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal. L’ Alfa Romeo had already been taken to introduce a visionary concept car, at the Geneva Motor Show of 2003. Now, dusted off by a young designer, a figure with a careful assumption of the vociferous compact SUV.

2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal Specs

Based On The Jeep Compass Platform?

Although Kamal is very suggestive, in our opinion it is equally similar to other mountain passes to the new SUV of the Lombard house, after the Stelvio. A separate strand would be inaugurated. A unique grouping, with an image, strengthened in turn by the names used. Names are already known and of great emotional impact. In any case, hypotheses remain, such as those relating to the mentioned SUV.

2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal SUV Rendering Pictures

According to rumors, the2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal could rest on a Small Wide frame. The same used for Jeep Compass, also supposing similar dimensions and two- and four-wheel drive versions. The range could include traditional models powered by petrol and diesel, but there is also talk of a plug-in hybrid alternative. A PHEV, taking its acronym, driven by the latest generation FireFly Turbo petrol engine, coupled with an electric unit supported by a battery pack. The debut could take place on the occasion of the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2025, while production and marketing would be proposed in the following year. However, it must be remembered that these are rumors, so the conditional is necessary.

2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept

2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal Design – A Highly Sporty Design

Those linked to the new Alfa Romeo model are simply rumors. The technicians would be working on a vehicle of limited size and with a mechanics raised higher than the ground. A project that could be carried out in the Pomigliano d’Arco plant, but also, in this case, these are always hypotheses that require confirmation, like the name associated with the vehicle.
Kamal is intriguing and Alessandro Masera himself, by signing this idea, has re-evaluated it. After having already anticipated the front, during these holidays he proposed another image of the hypothesized SUV.

A certain kinship with the current Stelvio had emerged observing the front area, but also some ideas offered by the concept car in the2003 have been re-proposed in a new and contemporary way. The profile now allows an evaluation of the lateral cut of the front optical groups, characterized by a balance of shapes resulting from a fusion of aesthetic choices applied to the Stelvio in the front and back, but to observe part of the rear area that seems to follow more the muscular design of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is compact, appearing at the same time even more connected and sporty.

2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal Spy Photos

2025 Alfa Romeo Kamal SUV Rendering Pictures

The visual effect squashed, already perceived previously, is confirmed by the play of light and shadow that offers to this profile the typical perspective of a compact coupe, despite being an SUV. Lights and shadows that enhance the ribs and highlight the most gritty details, also considering the coat of arms of the Quadrifoglio, barely visible on the strongly illuminated front wheel arch.

Particularly that seems to hope for a possible high-performance model, although there are still no precise indications on the vehicle and its range. Overall sportiness is also strengthened by the design of the wheels. An interesting idea.