2025 Ford F-150 FX4 Specs, Price, & Photos

2025 Ford F-150 FX4 Specs, Price, & Photos. While everyone is waiting for the Raptor version, Ford opted for the FX4 treatment. The upcoming 2025 Ford F-150 FX4 is about to arrive in the coming months. As for the Raptor model, this variant usually arrives later in the year. The FX4 is an off-road treatment that adds various different features. It is a package that costs only $900, and we think it is more than a fair price.

2025 Ford F150 FX4 Spy Photos

Thanks to that, the 2025 F-150 will get even more customization. Some reports are saying the FX4 package will this time cost around $1,000, but the price is still affordable, in our opinion. The sales of the new F-150 pickup truck will start soon, while the Raptor version will hit the markets in mid-2025.

Engine Specs and Mechanical Upgrades

The upcoming 2025 Ford F-150 FX4 will arrive with improved performances. While this package won’t offer a new engine, it will add various mechanical upgrades. The pickup truck will offer various engine options, from a 3.0-liter turbodiesel to a 2.7-liter and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engines. There is a more potent and larger 5.0-liter V8.

2025 Ford F150 FX4 Drivetrain

The FX4 treatment comes with a new electronic locking rear differential, unique suspension with off-road-tuned shock absorbers, and a new transfer case. On top of that, F-150 FX4 comes with a Hill Descent Control system and Rock-Crawl mode. We don’t know yet what will happen with the hybrid powertrain option. Most likely, the FX4 variant will offer a hybrid powertrain as an option.

Ford F-150 FX4 Design

The all-new 2025 Ford F-150 FX4 will add more customization. This off-road package will improve the truck’s capabilities in different ways. For a start, this package comes with unique bodyside decals. The arriving pickup truck will get new skid plates and all-terrain tires.

2025 Ford F150 FX4 Release Date

We don’t know what the exact offer is, but FX4 will surely provide a slightly more aggressive design and more ground clearance. Ford only said the specific tires are tied to a chosen engine option. On top of that, additional design changes will cost additional money. More details will become available in the coming weeks.


According to various reports, the FX4 package won’t introduce interior upgrades of any kind. That means the 2025 Ford F-150 FX4 will look exactly like the regular model. It makes sense as this is an off-road package, so interior updates are not that important. We ‘d like to see sits with better grip or standard all-weather floor mats. That will not happen. Instead, the arriving model will look like the base trim level.

It is not a bad thing as the F-150 pickup is fantastic on the inside. The cabin is practical, and there is plenty of room for all of the passengers. Comfort is good, and ride quality is great. New F-150 will gain a larger display, and FX4 will get the same unit. We should expect more driver-assistance aids, but all new equipment will be optional.

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2025 Ford F-150 FX4 Price and Release Date

The previous FX4 package was available for $900. New Ford F-150 FX4 will cost additional $1,005. We think the price is still affordable, despite slight increase. You can get this package in trim levels such as XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. If you choose the base XL trim level, loading FX4 package will cost you $36,000. The sales should start by the end of 2025.