2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Photos, Specs, Arrival Date

2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Photos, Specs, Arrival Date. The 2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck is still a rumor, but we don’t want to write off chances. The luxury model has a good base– a Nissan Frontier. With the premium Infiniti touch, the truck could take the offer to the new level. Of course, the carmaker is not sure if the demand will be high enough to prove the development and production of the fresh pickup.

2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck Price

The truth is– luxury trucks are not quite popular nowadays. Truckers are spending extra to build up their rides. If we want a vehicle where equipment comes before the capabilities, we would look for an SUV or some sports car. The main reason why pickups survive the competition of versatile SUVs is their towing capacity.

Another proof is the lack of any other premium model in the market. The only rival to the 2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck would be GMC Canyon Denali. All other models are working mules, with optional trim levels that could be called premium.

2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck Price


The 2025 Infiniti Truck will have a lot of concepts to be inspired with. For example, the new Monograph platform will underpin full-size SUV QX80 and probably slightly smaller QX60. We assume the same architecture can borrow the front part of the pickup truck. On the other hand, the rear end will be modified. Crew Cab configuration will probably be the only option with seating capacity for five persons. We can assume what to expect from the pickup if we take a look at large SUVs and their offer.

2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck Specs

There are no doubts the 2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck will be based on the Frontier. Nissan is the owner of the premium brand and we can see similarities under the hood of many other vehicles from the same segments. So, the Infiniti truck will borrow a V6 engine from the Nissan Frontier. But, we can hear rumors that the company is redesigning this model and the new pickup is going to use a new powerplant. Also, the luxury package is not filled only with premium equipment, but also more powerful drivetrains. Still, the Infiniti pickup needs to be practical, not to serve only for the showing off. Another possibility is to bring a powerful turbo-four or a hybrid setup.

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2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept

A V6 engine will be good for nearly 300 hp and 7,000 pounds of towing capacity. The 2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck will also get upgrades from the Pro-4X package, making its ride more capable of off-roading. A CVT transmission might be replaced for the luxury model and the new gearbox will send power to the rear wheels. All-wheel drive is optional.

When Will the 2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck Be Available?

We are close to the last quarter of 2025 and there are no concepts to show what will the 2025 Infiniti Pickup Truck look like. Fans did renders, but these are also quite old. The new images are missing, leaving doubt about the arrival of the new model. Nissan is currently focused on other projects. Still, when the new Frontier gets at dealerships, the premium truck could be introduced.

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