2025 Tesla Model Y Price, Interior, Redesign, and Engines

2025 Tesla Model Y Price, Interior, Redesign, and Engines. The all-new 2025 Tesla Model Y is coming to complement the brand’s current range of all-electric models consisting of the Model 3 and S sedans and Model X SUV. The new SUV in the Tesla’s lineup is smaller, less technology complex and more than 50 % cheaper than the mid-size Model X. Based on its size it belongs to the compact class but will provide 5 and 7 seating positions.

2025 Tesla Model Y Concept

Tesla announced the arrival of the first models in fall 2025 when three versions will appear while the fourth will wait for spring 2025. The model will share most of the components with the Model 3 as it was expected. The styling of the model, as well as the interior, are also familiar form.

The Model Y will offer four versions with the range between 230 and 300 miles and both two-and all-wheel-drive layouts. There will be Tesla’s large infotainment display like in every model as well as the self-driving safety suite. It will start from $39, 000.

2025 Tesla Model Y Redesign

2025 Tesla Model Y Powertrains, Mileage

Tesla’s new most affordable model will come in four powertrain configurations with different performance and driving range.

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The lineup will start with the Standard Range version which provides 230 miles of range. This model will feature a top speed of 120 mph while will need 5.9 seconds to hit 60 mph.

2025 Tesla Model Y Spy Shots

The next Model Y Long Range will boost the mileage to 300 miles while the 60 mph will come in 5.5 seconds. The max speed will be 130 mph.

The next in the range Dual Motor AWD model switches to the power on all wheels as the name suggests. In this case, the max speed reaches 135 mph with 4.8 seconds needed for 60 mph. The range is 280 miles.

The range-topping 2025 Tesla Model Y Performance version will also provide 280 miles per charge while will sprint to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The max speed increases to 150 mph.

Every version will provide instant acceleration and well-controlled handling. The location of the battery at the bottom of the chassis reduces body roll and improves handling. Tesla will also tune the suspension toward the sports performance like in the Model 3.

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2025 Tesla Model Y Platform

It’s no surprise that the new 2025 Tesla Model Y shares almost 70 percent of components with the Model 3 sedan. This is a common practice in the industry as it makes the process of developing and manufacturing shorter and less costly. The Model Y is based on the tier-3-mass-market-vehicle architecture which debuted on the Model 3. The platforms of the electric models are actually less sophisticated and more modular than those used on the conventionally powered vehicles. This fact is also important for the development cost and duration and allows also easier adoption of different body styles on the same architecture.


From the visual perspective, the new Model Y SUV is alike hatchback variant of the 3 sedan. Two models share the same platform but obviously, the exterior design is also very similar except the rear end. The Model Y has the same headlights and taillights as the Model 3. The doors are also very similar and attention grabs the flowing charter line.

Every Model Y comes with the panoramic glass roof while the model picks the conventional doors instead of the Model X’s Falcon Door design.

Interior, Equipment

The cabin of the Model Y is also a near copy of the Model’s 3 interior. The interior is simple and functional. There is a simple, button-free dash with horizontal-oriented design and with the large 15-inch center touchscreen. The industry largest display is responsible for almost all controls in the vehicle.

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The Model Y will also come with the supportive front bucket seats identical again to the Model 3. The second row will secure three seating positions with the folding feature to provide additional cargo capacity. The available 7-seat configuration will add two more seats but these will be adequate for the children only. The model will provide up to 66 cubic feet of the cargo capacity.

Tesla will, of course, equip the model with self-driving technology.

2025 Tesla Model Y Release, Price

The 2025 Tesla Model Y will start arriving in fall 2025. Three versions will be available then while the cheapest Y Standard Range will come next spring with the price of $39, 000. The Long Range model will cost $47, 000 while the Dual Motor AWD version will demand $51, 000. For the Performance model, buyers should be ready to pay $60, 000.