2025 Tesla Model X: Rumors, Price, Release Date, Changes

2025 Tesla Model X: Rumors, Price, Release Date, Changes. Up until recently, the Tesla Model X was alone, long-range, full-electric crossover on the roads but that has changed and the brands nonchalant electrify their crossover and SUV portfolio. The mid-size Model X debuted for the 2016 model year and it has gotten constant running upgrades almost every year in the manner that is unique to Tesla. Still, the 2025 Tesla Model X and the Model S on which the mid-sized Tesla crossover is based should get a round of more significant upgrades according to what we learned from the leaked details and various sources.

2025 Tesla Model X Price

Tesla is tight-lipped about what it has in mind for the next Model X and its sedan cousin but the reports indicate changes in all aspects including powertrain, efficiency, in-cab design, and tech. Both models are reported to get two new battery types. The reports suggest also a feasible induction of more efficient electric motors alongside the reconfigured suspension. The new tri-motor setup could also appear for the new model year. The list of upgrades could also include a redesigned charging port but the reworked interior is also mentioned in the reports. No word has been said about the model’s appearance and achievable changes in that regard.

2025 Tesla Model X Performance, Mileage

The existing Model X boasts already impressive performance and mileage mixed along with respectable handling. All models use two electric motors mounted on the front and rear axles to provide the all-wheel-drive capability. Both models get power from the 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack placed under the floor. The Long Range version can travel 328 miles per change as long as the Performance model reduces the range to 308 miles for better performance.

2025 Tesla Model X Engine

The next 2025 Tesla Model X should reportedly get two new battery key ins various configurations but it’s unclear what capacity of these batteries would be and what effect would be on the model’s range. The upcoming Model X should also arrive along with the redesigned suspension for better driving manners.

The reports promise also more efficient electric motors and faster charging equipment but the specs are again unknown. It is also feasible that the updated Model X might add a new tri-motor setup called Plaid like on the Model S to challenge Porsche on the Nürburgring.

2025 Tesla Model X Wallpapers

2025 Tesla Model X Design

The current Tesla Model X sports the brand’s signature styling mixed along with the falcon-wing doors and flush door handles. The model’s clean look is defined along with the brand’s tiny grille and specific headlight accents on its front end.

The profile is sleek along with the rising character line and rearward slopping roofline. The rear has nice taillights and trims inserts mixed along with the sedan-like shape and massive rear glass.

As for the next 2025 Tesla Model X and feasible appearance changes, nothing has been said in the available reports and leaked details. The prototype version hasn’t also been caught to hint achievable modifications.

Interior, Equipment

While there is nothing in the reports about the model’s appearance, the cabin should come along with various changes.

The model should get a new charging port that would demand a broader interior upgrade. The reports indicate also induction of the redesigned seats and feasible infotainment system upgrades. The next Model X should also switch to the horizontal touchscreen orientation as the brand’s newer models. The portion of the update should also be and addition of the wireless charging device.

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The Tesla Model X will again be well-equipped from the entry-level version and the base trim level will include keyless entry and ignition, a heated steering wheel, all seats heated, synthetic leather upholstery, etc. Every Model X comes also along with the full suite of active safety systems including automatic hand brake, adaptive cruise control, active lane control, blind-spot monitoring, and the brand’s AutoPilot system.

2025 Tesla Model X Release, Price

The 2025 Tesla Model X should appear in the coming months when we will know more about its performance, efficiency, tech, design, and other upgrades. Tesla will also reveal the price of the updated Model X at the debut and when each version will take place sale.

The current Model X begins with $89, 990 in the Long Range guise at the same time the Performance version demands $104, 990.