2025 Kia Sorento X-Men Release date, Engines, Concept, and Price

2025 Kia Sorento X-Men Release date, Engines, Concept, and Price. The Korean carmaker has a strong connection with superheroes from the famous franchise. In this particular case, we have seen a special version of the popular crossover, which came with an appearance that resembles the most popular character of the franchise, Wolverine. This version has been presented almost four years ago, and latest reports suggest we could see something more than just a show-off version. Still, keep in mind that this is just a theory at the moment and that there is no word from Kia officials.

2025 Kia Sorento X Men Concept

2025 Kia Sorento X-Men Release date, Engines, Concept, and Price

2025 Kia Sorento X-Men Engine

It’s not hard to presume that the most powerful engine in the offer would be reserved for the 2025 Kia Sorento X-Men. The current generation of this mid-size crossover comes with three engines in the offer. Two four-cylinder units, there is a powerful 3.3-liter V6 version. It delivers around 290 horsepower and there is no doubt that it would find the place under the 2025 Kia Sorento X-Men. If someone cares, Sorento’s with this engine feature fuel economy of around 19 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.

2025 Kia Sorento X Men Interior


  • Unique styling approach
  • Lots of exclusive details
  • Powerful V6 engine


  • Interior is a mystery
  • Probably won’t come


In this article, we will base our predictions on the model that was shown almost four years ago. For that occasion, we have seen lots of unique details. Of course, all these details are inspired by the legendary superhero. The first thing you’ll notice is a pair of claws, placed over aid intakes, bumper, and headlights. Of course, that’s not the only unique details. There is a specially-designed grille, with the famous “X” logo. On the rear end, there is just one claw, while the “X” logo is on rear doors. The “themed” details, the crossover comes with a completely new body kit, as well as with unique wheels.

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2025 Kia Sorento X-Men Release date, Engines, Concept, and Price


Presented years ago, the X-Men Sorento’s interior remained a secret. We can only speculate about how the 2025 Kia Sorento X-Men is going to look on the inside. There’s no doubt that there will be a lot of details inspired by the famous franchise. Still, the overall layout will remain familiar. There are three rows of seating. Two-row models have been discontinued, but we could see an exception in this case.

2025 Kia Sorento X-Men Release Date and Price

The 2025 Kia Sorento X-Men would definitely be an interesting addition to the model’s lineup, especially if we consider the franchise’s popularity. We are pretty sure it won’t come, despite numerous reports and rumors. It seems useless to speculate about the price and launch date.

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