2025 Lexus CT 200h Price, Specs, Hatchback, and Release Date

2025 Lexus CT 200h Price, Specs, Hatchback, and Release Date. The new 2025 Lexus CT is getting more power. The CT needs more power, more range, autonomous drive, and many other upgrades. It seems like Toyota and Lexus are trying to pull an impossible thing.

2025 Lexus CT 200h Exterior

We can read the first official updates about the 2025 Lexus CT. Rumors are even older. With the confirmation of the new electric vehicle, even more, speculations appeared. Now, fans are trying to figure out what will the CT look like and what kinds of modifications it brings.

2025 Lexus CT Concept

The last edition of the electric car was in 2025. What’s changed so Lexus can think about this.

2025 Lexus CT 200h Interior

Of all, when we saw the new Lexus UX, we thought it will be CT’s replacement. Soon enough, we saw a denial with the announcement of the upcoming 2025 Lexus CT. The first model after CT to offer such power source will be UX.

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First Details Available

We are again rolling back the history to see what to expect in the future. A few years ago, Toyota joined forces with Mazda and Denso in 2017. That is the season when the last CT rolled out from the factory. The new partnership is called EV Common Architecture Spirit Co., Ltd. There, all companies will give their strengths. Mazda is the best in computer development, Denso offers electronics and the latest technologies, while the TNGA platform comes from Toyota. The cooperation will result with new 2025 Lexus CT appearing next season.

2025 Lexus CT 200h Images

The 2025 Lexus CT will be a small hatchback. It will keep dimensions and stay smaller than the new UX crossover. It is not clear yet, but it seems like the CT will be available as EV and hybrid.


The new 2025 Lexus CT will be a very close sibling to Toyota Corolla, as the latest hybrid by the Japanese carmaker. The new engine for this car is a 2.0-liter hybrid. If the CT pastes the specs from the old-school car, then we will get 180 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle will be able to sprint to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. Well, chiefs still need to confirm this is actually happening. Current CT is using a 1.8-liter petrol engine as the base for the hybrid in the US. However, the combination is good for only 135 horsepower and 105 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy is exceptional– 43/40 mpg in city/highway. The new engine will deliver more power, but it will probably cut some miles from the overall range.

2025 Lexus CT vs Tesla Model 3

Estimations about the new electric vehicle are not available yet. However, we can compare it to its next big rival– Tesla Model 3. There are three different battery packs available for this car. Top trim is coming with a 75 kWh electric motor. Lighter versions are 62 and 50 kWh. With the largest battery, you can go 325 miles. The smallest one offers 220 miles of run before a refill. So, the new 2025 Lexus CT will aim the range between these two to start the challenge.

Also, the new model will need to catch up with one of the most advanced autonomous drive systems in the automotive world. Tesla is one of the rare carmakers that offer Level 3. Nissan announced plans to bring Level 4, and the US carmaker will definitely respond. Meanwhile, Toyota and Lexus are not so famous about self-driving features.

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Release Date

There is a big hint about the release date of the new 2025 Lexus CT. Such vehicle, with an electric drivetrain and a huge range, will debut in its homeland, during Olympics in 2025. The opening ceremony is one of the worldwide shows with a lot of publicity, and that is the perfect time to show the new model. We’ll see if this will come true.