GM F14D3 1.4L Engine: Specs, Problems, Reliability

GM F14D3 1.4L Engine: Specs, Problems, Reliability. The 1.4-liter engine F14D3 is upgraded version of the Opel’s X14XE engine. Many details of these motors are interchangeable. Horsepower numbers are tolerable for this small motor, but torque is insufficient obviously. The F14D3 has the older brother – the F16D3 (1.6-liter, and 106 hp).

GM F14D3 1.4L Engine: Specs, Problems, Reliability

The engine has EGR system (exhaust gas recirculation), which can reduce the variety of harmful substances in exhaust gases. The engine has hydraulic tappets (no need for valve clearance adjustments ). The F14D3 engine has the timing belt. If the timing belt broke, pistons would bend valves. Be careful and replace it every 40,000 miles (60,000 km).

GM F14D3 1.4L Engine: Specs, Problems, Reliability

F14D3 Engine Problems and Reliability

  • Sometimes the engine has loose closing valves as a result of coke between a valve stem and a valve sleeve. Here are some symptoms of that issue: the engine loses power and car doesn’t accelerate fast as before; engine stalls periodically; engine shakes a bit. This trouble is touched engines just until 2008 production year. Form 2008 there are new valves and some new features – this version is the F14D4 engine.
  • The thermostat longevity is 35-40 thousand miles. The engine performs not heat up or performs it very slowly.
  • ¬†Leaking valve cover is fraught with penetrating oil in the spark plug wells, as the result, problems with the ignition.
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GM F14D3 1.4L Engine: Specs

Manufacturer GM DAT
Production years 2004-present day
Cylinder block material Cast Iron
Cylinder head material Aluminum
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel system Electronic Injection
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 4
Valvetrain layout DOHC
Bore, mm 77.9
Stroke, mm 73.4
Displacement, cc 1399
Type of internal combustion engine Four-stroke, naturally aspirated
Compression Ratio 9.5
Power, hp 94/6200
Torque, lb ft 103/3400
Engine weight
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Engine oil weight 5W-30, 10W-30
Engine oil capacity, liter 3.75
Oil change interval, mile 10,000
Applications Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Lacetti

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