Suzuki K15B 1.5L Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability

Suzuki K15B 1.5L Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability. The K15B is a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder, naturally aspirated gasoline engine debuted in 2018. Suzuki K15B engine is the greatest variation of the K-series inline-fours. The 1.5 L engine became a basic alternative for Suzuki’s popular designs, such as the fourth-generation small SUV Suzuki Jimny (Sierra/Global), Suzuki Ciaz, and seven-seat compact MPV Suzuki Ertiga. The new engine replaced the M13A and M15A out of the previous small-displacement engine series.

Suzuki K15B 1.5L Engine Specs

The K15B is an all-aluminum engine. It has an aluminum open-deck design cylinder block with cast-in cylinder liners. The crankshaft is positioned inside the block with an offset to the line of the cylinders. The engine is geared up with light-weight pistons with low-tension rings and nut-less split-type connecting rods. On top of the engine block, there is an aluminum alloy cylinder head with four valves per each cylinder and double overhead camshafts.

Suzuki K15B 1.5L Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability

Suzuki K15B 1.5L Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability

The engine uses a strong, reliable timing chain – it is a silent timing chain to improve vibration, cruelty, and noise. Both intake and exhaust camshafts include variable valve timing (VVT). The valves are activated by camshafts through bucket-type hydraulic lifters. The valve cover is made from plastic.

Suzuki 1.5 L K-engine has Smart Supplier Less Ignition (SDLI) system which features electronic controlling and coil-on-plug design. The engine is also equipped with a digitally managed multi-point fuel injection system and a high-pressure semi-return fuel system. The intake manifold is made of composite product for light-weight configuration. It fitted with an electronic throttle body (drive-by-wire). The stainless-steel 4-1 exhaust manifold has an integrated catalytic converter.

The K15B engine follows the global design patterns – it is lightweight, compact, and fuel-efficient. Regardless of a small displacement, in Suzuki Jimny, the K15B provides strong low- and mid-range torque preserving exceptional off-road driving ability.

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K15B 1.5 L Smart Hybrid

The brand new K15B engine also comes with the Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology developed by Suzuki. This innovation features a sophisticated dual battery setup, and integrated starter-generator installed in place of a conventional generator. The starter-generator system offers brake energy regeneration during deceleration, torque assist functionality during acceleration, and engine start-stop function.

Suzuki 1.5 K15B Engine Problems and Reliability

The brand-new 1.5 L K-series engine appeared on the marketplace reasonably not long ago, and it is too early to speak about its common problems due to an absence of information. However, the new owners have complaints about increased oil consumption from the beginning, which is most likely the norm for this engine. Also worth noting, regardless of conventional fuel injection, contemporary innovative injectors utilized for remarkable atomization are sensitive to fuel quality.

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Suzuki K15B 1.5L Engine Specs

Manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation
Production years 2018-present
Cylinder block material Aluminum
Cylinder head material Aluminum
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel system Multi-point fuel injection
Configuration Inline
Number of cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 4
Valvetrain layout DOHC
Bore, mm 74.0 mm (2.90 in)
Stroke, mm 85.0 mm (3.30 in)
Displacement, cc 1,462 cc (89 cu in)
Type of internal combustion engine Four-stroke, naturally aspirated
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Power, hp 102-105 hp (75-77 kW)/ 6,000
Torque, lb ft 96-102 ft-lb (130-138 Nm)/4,000-4,400
Engine weight
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Engine oil weight SAE 0W-16
Engine oil capacity, liter 3.6 l (3.8 qt) with oil filter – Suzuki Jimny
Oil change interval, mile 6,000 (10,000 km)/12 months
Applications Suzuki Jimny /Sierra, Suzuki Ciaz, Suzuki Ertiga, Suzuki XL6/XL7, Suzuki S-Cross, Suzuki Vitara Brezza