VW/Audi 1.4 TDI EA288 Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability

VW/Audi 1.4 TDI EA288 Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability. The new three-cylinder 1.4 TDI engine belongs to the EA288 series. It moved out the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder EA189 engine. But it also able to replace some versions of the four-cylinder such as the 1.6 TDI. The 1.4 TDI uses four-cylinder engine components reconfigured for the three-cylinder layout. That is the example of the new VW development system – modular diesel engine or MDB.

VW Audi 1.4 TDI EA288 Engine Specs

VW/Audi 1.4 TDI EA288 Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability

VW/Audi 1.4 TDI EA288 Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability

The crankcase or cylinder block is made of gravity-die-cast AlSiCu3 alloy for weight reduction. The new material allowed reducing the weight by 11 kg compared the previous 1.2 l TDI engine. It also almost 27 kg lighter than the 1.6 TDI. The engine has balancing shaft, which driven by a single speed 1:1 gear in the opposite direction to the crankshaft.

The increased displacement was achieved by increasing the stroke from 80.5 mm up to 95.5 mm (the same as the 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI engine). The cylinder head has the same design as 4-cylinder MDB engines: four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts (DOHC).

The engine also has the water-cooled intercooler, catalyst converter, DFP, dual-circuit exhaust gas recirculation (high-pressure and low-pressure EGR) and the injection system called DFS 1.20 produced by Delphi.

1.4 TDI EA288 Volkswagen Engine Problems and Reliability

The issues and problems are the same as four-cylinder EA288 engines have. This engine produces more vibrations due to the three-cylinder layout. The aluminum crankcase is not repairable as cast iron crankcases.

VW/Audi 1.4 TDI EA288 Engine Specs

Manufacturer VW/Audi
Production years 2014-present day
Cylinder block material Aluminum
Cylinder head material Aluminum
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel system Common Rail
Configuration Inline
Number of cylinders 3
Valves per cylinder 4
Valvetrain layout DOHC
Bore, mm 79.5
Stroke, mm 95.5
Displacement, cc 1422
Type of internal combustion engine Four-stroke, turbocharged
Compression Ratio 16.1:1
Power, hp 75/3000-3750 – 50kW
90/2750-3250 – 66kW
104/3500-3750 – 77kW
Torque, lb ft 155/1500-2000
Engine weight
Firing order 1-2-3
Engine oil weight VW 507.00, 5W-30
Engine oil capacity, liter 3.8
Oil change interval, mile 8,000 to 10,000
Applications Audi A1; Seat Ibiza, Toledo IV; Skoda Fabia III, Rapid (2012); Volkswagen Polo V
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