2025 BMW Pickup Truck: Price, Concept, & Photos

2025 BMW Pickup Truck: Price, Concept, & Photos. Mercedes brought on the game to the new level. The X-Class truck will make other German manufacturers speed up the development of their vehicles. It seems that 2025 BMW Truck is more realistic than the Audi Pickup. Still, there are a lot of questions regarding this model. The Bavarian carmaker is more focused on the SUV segment. On the other hand, the pickup truck might use the same platform as the most recent addition to the lineup, X7 full-size SUV.

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Powertrain

Renders of the pickup are available. Still, these are fans’ images based on existing models. Well, the 2025 BMW Truck is not going to deliver any radical styling solution before we see them in the SUV segment. The pickup will also need accessories that will help it tow easier. Of course, this is the luxury model. This causes more questions, and the main is– will this truck be profitable for the BMW? If the answer is easy, the model would have a green light for production a long time ago.

2025 BMW Truck Specs and concept

Under the bonnet of the 2025 BMW Truck buyers will get one of the existing powerplants. A premium pickup is going to start with a V6, that is for sure. Well, the German company is using a 3.0-liter displacement on its larger SUVs. With 335 hp and 330 lb-ft, the truck will be more than capable of driving and towing. The capacity will be over 7,200 pounds. BMW will probably install a 2WD and leave xDrive 4 × 4 as the optional drive.

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Engine

Of course, we expect to see the pickup with a V8 engine as well. A 4.4-liter twin-turbo setup is capable to return 455 hp and 480 lb-ft. This is already one of the highest outputs in the segment. Experts doubt the German engineers will go with the M Performance tuning, which would skyrocket the power output to 550 horsepower. Only one truck sits above this level– the all-new 2025 Ram 1500 TRX.


The premium segment in the pickup truck industry is pretty tiny with the offer. We can say that Denali packages for GMC trucks are the most luxurious vehicles buyers can find there. Also, Ford F-150 Limited is the most expensive model, but it is the standard edition with every possible upgrade the Blue Oval company could add.

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Drivetrain

Other truckmakers are not deciding to go into this game, since sales and profit are questionable. Truckers are willing to spend extra, but if they can improve working capability or safety. Posh features and materials are not important in this segment. Well, the premium options can make a work easier, safer, and more convenient.

To spend crazy amounts of money for such models is not likely to happen. That is why we still don’t see the return of the Lincoln Mark LT or Cadillac Escalade EXT. Leading American truckmakers are not keen to test the premium market.