2025 BMW Pickup Truck Price, Specs, Rumors, and Release Date

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Price, Specs, Rumors, and Release Date. We’ve already seen a prototype of the BMW X7 Pickup Truck and it looks really great. Something similar, but probably smaller could hit the market in the near future.

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Wallpapers


Of course, the new 2025 BMW Pickup Truck would also rely on the company’s familiar units, particularly those that can be found under the hood of the X5. It’s not hard to presume that M-badged versions would be in the offer as well, while the European version would be available also with a diesel engine.

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2025 BMW Pickup Truck Design

If you wonder how the new BMW Pickup Truck would look like, there is no doubt that the recent X7 pickup is the direction where you should look. The 2025 BMW Pickup Truck price needs to be competitive with traditional trucks that come from non-premium carmakers, so a full-size machine doesn’t make too much sense. On the other side, a mid-size truck would be a good pick, which leads us to the conclusion that the new 2025 BMW Truck would be based on the X5 model.

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Redesign

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Platform

In the past few years, we’ve been getting all kinds of reports about the 2025 BMW Pickup Truck, and one of the things that have always bothered our minds was the platform. Many suggested a joint venture with Toyota, where the new 2025 BMW Truck would be based on Hilux or Tacoma.

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The 2025 BMW Pickup Truck will go in a completely opposite direction. On the other side, don’t expect from this pickup truck to be particularly capable in terms of towing and payload capacity.

2025 BMW Pickup Truck Powertrain

Styling and Interior Design

As we already mentioned, the 2025 BMW Pickup Truck would be based on the X5, which means a familiar CLAR platform, though probably stretched for this occasion. On the other side, the rest of the body would come in a typical truck manner.

Speaking of the interior, we count on two comfortable rows of seats, while the dashboard should be designed in the same manner as the one that can be found in the X5. We count on the same layout, as well as on the presence of similar features and technologies.

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2025 BMW Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

The model is just a rumor at the moment, so it’s hard to say something more about the possible launch date. The same thing refers to the 2025 BMW Pickup Truck price.