2025 Mercedes GLS Redesign, AMG 63, Interior, Spied, Release Date

2025 Mercedes GLS Redesign, AMG 63, Interior, Spied, Release Date. The S-class among the SUVs– you will hear this often when speaking about the Mercedes GLS. More premium features and styling tweaks will be presented with 2025 Mercedes GLS. We remind you the current generation of GLS came in 2013 and in 2016 we saw the only facelift.

2025 Mercedes GLS Redesign

At this moment, we don’t know too much about the Mercedes GLS new model 2025. The thing the interior is under reconstruction, we can’t know what kind of features the German carmaker is about to bring.

2025 Mercedes GLS Redesign, AMG 63, Interior, Spied, Release Date

2025 Mercedes GLS Price

2025 Mercedes GLS Interior

The full-size 2025 Mercedes GLS is going to offer seven seating spots. If you ever wondered which Mercedes SUV has 3 rows– here is the answer. The Mercedes GLS new model 2025 will keep the same platform.

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Be sure that 2025 Mercedes GLS is bringing something special on the design end. Completely spied, the 2025 Mercedes GLS had heavy covers all around the dashboard. Even the seats are covered by fabric cloth, which is not going to be the case with the production model.

Mercedes GLS New Model 2025 Exterior, Spy Shots

The interesting thing about the 2025 Mercedes GLS is that the vehicle already has numerous appearances. The most intriguing thing is the two kinds of prototypes we could see.

The first one is pretty much the same as the old GLS. The mid-size SUV dropped some camouflage recently and it shows more details of the upcoming model. By borrowing design solutions from a smaller SUV, the Mercedes GLS 2025 could add more aggressiveness.

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2025 Mercedes GLS 450 vs GLS 550

Buyers of the full-size luxury SUV will have two choices– to buy heavily-packed 2025 Mercedes GLS 550 or cheaper GLS 450. While the entry-level Mercedes GLS 450 2025 is going to cost around $70,000, the GLS 550 model could hit $100k mark after the redesign.

A navigation and leather upholstery are standard on this model, while the 2025 Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 is offering these features as optional. The entry-level premium SUV is packed with some cool stuff, which is on another level with upper trim, such as the audio system. The most significant difference between the two models is the drivetrain.

2025 Mercedes-Benz GLS 450/550 Specs

While the 2025 Mercedes GLS styling is under revisit, the drivetrain units will remain the same. Since there are two versions of the SUV, 450 and 550 models, there are specific powertrains for each of them respectively.

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The entry-level one is getting, you guess, a smaller block. The new nine-speed automatic transmission is probably the highlight of the entire drive system. An all-wheel drive is standard.

The other engine is using the same transmission and drive setup. A 4.7-liter V-8 drivetrain will bring a significant boost in output.

2025 Mercedes GLS Redesign, AMG 63, Interior, Spied, Release Date

2025 Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG

This is not all by the 2025 Mercedes GLS. In its next appearance, the SUV comes again with its AMG version again. After upgrades, we could see it closer to $150,000.

2025 Mercedes GLS Release Date

There are two indicators of the release date for the 2025 Mercedes GLS. The second one is spy shots and other Mercedes SUVs. Spy photos of this model appeared just before we saw the new 2025 Mercedes-Benz GLS for the first time.