2025 Dodge Durango Body on Frame Platform, Redesign, Spy Photos

2025 Dodge Durango Body on Frame Platform, Redesign, Spy Photos. If you haven’t heard, the Durango is going back to the body-on-frame platform. Plans are that 2025 Dodge Durango will present it, while production can start in 2025. This SUV used BoF concept in the previous generation.

2025 Dodge Durango Redesign, Price

Since the Ram 1500 is also using this architecture, the FCA is going to move production of 2025 Dodge Durango to same plants. Durango is one of the most versatile models in the market. It has numerous trim levels, from which the most exciting is definitely Durango SRT.

2025 Dodge Durango Body on Frame Platform, Redesign, Spy Photos

2025 Dodge Durango Specs

Body-on-Frame vs Architecture Unidos

The BoF is using stronger materials. It makes vehicles durable, especially these which are going off-road. Another advantage of the unibody platform is safety.

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The body-on-frame platform comes in two parts– body and ladder frame. This allows BoF vehicles to provide better-towing capacity. The suspension is easier to tune, and off-road adventurers are especially grateful for this.

2025 Dodge Durango Production

Current Durango, together with Jeep Grand Cherokee, is built in the plant in Detroit. Since the vehicle is using a new platform, its production is going to the factory where Ram 1500 is being assembled. It is predicted to move since the building of a new plant would cost too much.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the reasons why 2025 Dodge Durango is going to use a new platform and move its production. These two mid-size SUVs are rivals, although coming from the same parent company. Durango used BoF platform before, it is very popular, so the change will definitely cause more attention.

2025 Dodge Durango Specs and Drivetrains

The change of platform doesn’t mean the 2025 Dodge Durango will change everything. Well, the SUV keep the current engine lineup. An 8-speed automatic gearbox is standard in the entire 2025 Dodge Durango lineup, including models that use larger engines.

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R/T and Citadel SUVs are getting power from a 5.7-l mill. The outputs are 360 hp and 290 lb-ft of twist through the same gearbox. A rear-wheel drive is still standard, while the optional mode is all-wheel drive.

2025 Dodge Durango Body on Frame Platform, Redesign, Spy Photos

2025 Dodge Durango SRT

Top of the range vehicle and the SUV that we can take as a model for itself is Dodge Durango SRT. Even the unit the police is going to add to its pursuits is not as powerful as SRT.

If rumors are true, the 2025 Dodge Durango SRT is going up to 500 hp. Well, the beefed SUV is using the same transmission as the lower-level models. Even with improvements, the 2025 Durango SRT is going to consume a lot of fuel.

2025 Dodge Durango Changes

After installing a new platform, the entire vehicle will have to adapt to it. Engines are taking the least changes. The appearance of the 2025 Dodge Durango could be much different compared to the current model.

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There is still too much time before the first images of the 2025 Dodge Durango are going to appear. We also found out that 2025 Durango is going to be the first to present new architecture.

Late in 2025, we will know more about 2025 Dodge Durango. Experts can’t make predictions and build this car based only on the platform switch.

2025 Dodge Durango Release Date, Price Modifications

Only one thing is certain the 2025 Dodge Durango built on the new platform is not going to be cheaper. Whatsoever, Durango is going to have so many options for upgrading, including engines, type of drives, trim levels, additional packages and features. None is going to be more exclusive than 2025 Dodge Durango SRT.

Data about the release date is still unclear. Some sources are claiming the new platform will come with 2025 Dodge Durango, while other rumors are informing this is not happening before the 2025 year model.