Chevrolet F18D3 (T18SED) Engine 1.8L: Specs, Problems, Reliability, & More

Chevrolet F18D3 (T18SED) Engine 1.8L: Specs, Problems, Reliability, & More. The Chevrolet 1.8-liter engine, known as the F18D3, is a slightly modified the T18SED engine. Inside, there are not so many differences between these two engines. The F18D3 has new ignition module instead high voltage wires.

Chevrolet F18D3 (T18SED) Engine 1.8L

The oil filter remains in another place. There are the new water pump, timing belt, and rollers. Also, there are some noticeable hard changes.

Chevrolet F18D3 (T18SED) Engine 1.8L

People don’t feel any different in a car with both engines – the same power, fuel and oil consumption, reliable, etc.

1.8 l F18D3 engine Engine Problems and Reliability

  1. The weakest points of the F18D3 engine are the same as the engine F14D3 and F16D3 have.
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Engine Specs

  • Manufacturer: GM Holden Engine Plant
  • Production years: 2004-present day
  • Cylinder block material: Cast Iron
  • Cylinder head material: Aluminum
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel system: Electronic Injection
  • Configuration: Inline
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Valves per cylinder: 4
  • Valvetrain layout: DOHC
  • Bore, mm: 80.5
  • Stroke, mm: 88.2
  • Displacement, cc: 1796
  • Type of internal combustion engine: Four-stroke, naturally aspirated
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5
  • Power, hp: 121/5600
  • Torque, lb ft: 125/3800
  • Engine weight: –
  • Firing order: 1-3-4-2
  • Engine oil weight: 5W-30, 10W-30
  • Engine oil capacity, liter: 3.75
  • Oil change interval, mile: 10,000
  • Applications: Chevrolet Lacetti, Daewoo Lacetti

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