2025 VW Tarok Release Date, Specs, & Photos

2025 VW Tarok Release Date, Specs, & Photos. It was a question– Atlas Tanoak or Amarok. Volkswagen has more plans for the US pickup truck market. The 2025 VW Tarok is the latest concept that could enter production. Although the vehicle had the premiere in Brazil, we are sure the German carmaker is up to something big. Bosses are willing to enter the most profitable segment in the automotive industry.

2025 VW Tarok Engine

The concept was supposed to enter dealerships this season, but the COVID-19 pandemic spoiled everything. The 2025 VW Tarok is arriving later than expected. We don’t have too many details about the production and prices, but the truck that buyers will be able to get will be different than the concept. Everything is too digital for the real deal.

2025 VW Tarok Specs

At the premiere, the company unveiled that the 2025 VW Tarok will use two types of engines. The base one will be 1.4-liter petrol with 150 horsepower. A 2.0-liter turbodiesel is an optional drivetrain and it adds 20 more ponies. Both petrol and oil-burner could be part of the lineup in the US. However, if the release date is postponed, the Tarok could debut with an electric motor. Still, this is going to be a disappointment, since truckers expected more power, promised when the Atlas Tanoak debuted.

2025 VW Tarok Spy Shots

Pros and Cons

The truck market is definitely the most profitable segment of the automotive industry. However, Volkswagen is afraid if the pickup based on a unibody concept doesn’t have chances in the market. Just take a look at the availability of such units in the US. The only mid-size model is Honda Ridgeline, while there are plenty of other trucks using a ladder frame.

So, it is a unique model, without rivals to take away buyers. Honda sold 30,000 units last year, which is the lowest result in the segment. Just for the comparison, Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado found ten times more homes in 2025.

2025 VW Tarok Release Date

On the other hand, VW would introduce itself to the new market. It will be a great ad, alongside electric SUVs they intend to launch in upcoming seasons. The German carmaker is still one of the leading carmakers, but the pickup segment is something totally different. There will be a lot of challenges, but VW should be capable of meeting all the requirements.

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2025 VW Tarok Release Date

The first appearance Tarok had in Brazil, in 2018. A few months later, NY Auto Show hosted the premiere of the truck for the US audience. It warmed up rumors speaking about the new model for this part of the world. Volkswagen went through a tough period after the scandal with emissions. However, the company is not in big projects with electric vehicles and there are many green concepts on the way.

Chances of the 2025 VW Tarok appearing are slimmer than ever. The company planned it for the next season, but an unpredicted pandemic happened. It slowed things up in the automotive industry. Fans are still hoping the first edition will debut in 2025 with all the advanced features we want to see.

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